That Ratfink Took My Pleating

A little while ago I as at a thrift store in Wisconsin with my mom. I went over to the lingerie section and started to look around and figured I needed a lesson in vintage lingerie. So I asked my mom to help me figure out what was vintage and what was not. As we where looking  through the silk and lace we found a beauty it had lovely  pleating and I learned that only vintage nightgowns had that. I also learned to figure out whats vintage and whats new. She told me that it was a very good piece i was so excited so I instantly grabbed it out of my mothers hands and ran the the checkout counter. As we where waking out to the parking lot and continued the whole way back to North Dakota. My mom is still joking with me that I am the brat who took it from her. For more lingerie visit this slip of a site.

vanity fair bodice