She Is The One Named Sailor!……

Well apparently Sailor Moon is now vintage. So it is safe to blog about it here, but I would have done it anyway. Sailor Moons was a 90′s anime cartoon  they made so many things, toys, plushies, video games, toys, even a garbage can just look on Ebay! The sailor moon universe consists of manga which are Japanese comic books, anime which has 5 seasons one never dubbed which means wasn’t brought over here. Including 3 hour long movies. Then there’s  live action episodes and musicals. They just started to bring sailor moon back they started with the manga which is now finished.We are all hoping for the anime to come back but they keep pushing back the date sadly. There is also a whole fandom for sailor moon. Fan fiction in which people can right their own story with the original characters as well and fan made characters called OC’s  I even have a few! here is an example below.

Here is some of my Sailor Moon collection! I have more but its all packed away sadly.


Sailor Moon collection


Sailor Moon Boardgame