You Can Teach A New Girl Old Terms

I learned a new term in sewing this week. I had bought a piece of lingerie and thought they where just ruffles but it is called ruching it’s a way of bunching fabric.To achieve this effect you  gather fabric in repeated  fashion to form pleats. It adds style to a piece. It is a very tedious technique that has been used throughout history.


Here is an example of beautiful ruching:

the full product for sale.

For more one the subject, how to’s, and history.

Miss Elaine baby doll2



The Record Goes Round: Part One

So this one is all about musicals I have many of them as I am a collector. I pick them up from thrift stores and garage sales. Some of the art on the sleeves are amazing!

In fact they usually catch my eye like this one I bought the other day. The cover wacked me over the head with the graphics.

The other reason for collecting is if it has a personal connection with me like this one.

My dad found it for me at a self owned thrift store. I have a connection with this particular record because it was one of the musicals I was a part of on high school it holds a big part of my school memories.
Then there’s just collecting for the heck of it. Whatever it is that you want to collect.